Meet Our Staff, Officers and Committee Chairs

Friends of Red Rock Canyon are fortunate to have volunteers and staff members who work behind the scenes to manage the day-to-day operations of our organization. We’d like to introduce you to the “people behind the curtain.”

Cam Camburn

Cam Camburn - Historian and Dedication Walkway

Cam has served as Friends Historian for two years, assisting to archive our important papers and photos. This year she took on the job of Dedication Walkway Committee Chair. She is also on the editorial team of “the Rock” and enjoys other volunteer activities at Red Rock Canyon. Cam is active in several other community organizations and continues to work as a registered nurse.

Liz Carmer

Liz Carmer – Canyon Cleanup Leader

At least twice a month since January 2015, Liz has led her cleanup crew collecting trash all over Red Rock Canyon. Liz and her husband Alan spent nearly eight years volunteering for state and national public lands in Alaska. They were also volunteer librarians on Caye Caulker, Belize for two winters. In the 1990s, she and Al-an were attorneys, but Liz prefers spending her time in the great outdoors.

Brenda Jackson

Brenda Jackson – Bookkeeper and Webmaster

After Brenda retired in 2006, she moved from Ohio to Las Vegas the following year. She has been volunteering at Red Rock for the last eight years at the Information Desk, on Sunday mornings at the Outdoor Exhibit Area, as a hike assistant and on the Friends board. Brenda’s IT skills make her the perfect Friends’ website administrator and bookkeeper.

Sue And Roger Kolar

Sue and Roger Kolar – Tortoise Habitat

Sue and Roger have worked with Red Rock’s torts for eleven years. In addition to co-chairing the Tortoise Habitat Committee, this past spring they opened the Kolar Spa for InfirmTorts when Betty, Maxine & Lucie needed surgery. Tort Team volunteers feed, soak and monitor the tortoises during the spring, summer and early fall.

Joe and Mary Labie

Joe and Mary Labie – Member Services & Events, License Plate, Procurement

As Member Services Chair, Mary leads a recruitment team and manages the “Making Friends” Reward Program. She is also co-chair of Member Events. As License Plate Coordinator, Joe promotes the plate, a major source of income for Friends. Together they provide merchandise, volunteer wearables and swag materials. Joe and Mary also co-chair the Annual Photo Contest.

Tom Lisby

Tom Lisby – President

President Tom Lisby has been volunteering on the Information Desk, as a Red Rock Ambassador and doing interpretative presentations at the Visitor Center. He also does trail maintenance with the Natural Resources Team. Tom is a NAI Certified InterpretativeGuide, a hike leader with the BLM and facilitates volunteer training sessions. In addition, Tom and his wife Laura are Site Stewards.

Wyatt Mulvey

Wyatt Mulvey – Natural Resources Chair

A member of Natural Resources since 2002, Wyatt has been the leader of the team since 2009. Natural Resources has an incredible collection of people, organizations and businesses who support and care about Red Rock Canyon trails. As a rock climber, mountain biker and hiker, Wyatt has enjoyed Red Rock Canyon and feels good about giving back to such a wonderful place.

Tom Lisby

Patricia Potter – Vice President and Recruiting

Patricia joined Friends in 2013, volunteering first with the Native PlantTeam and the Torts. She was a member of the Milkweed Grant Preparation Team, worked on the Macy’s Shop for a Cause Fundraiser, has written for “the Rock,” and is excited about volunteering with Cultural Resources and learning about archaeological site assessment. “I love what I’ve learned from Friends."

Rob Tuvell

Rob J. Tuvell – Director

Rob is a new member of Friends and is honored to now serve on its board. Rob was introduced to Friends by his parents, longtime members Rob and Marilyn. He is extremely proud to be part of an organization that’s instrumental in helping maintain, preserve and protect outdoors areas in our country. Rob is married with two daughters and is an active realtor in the Las Vegas Valley.

Linda Vetter

Linda Vetter – Transportation Grants

We thank Linda for getting thousands of Clark County School District students happily onto the trails of Red Rock Canyon. An average of sixty grants per year are approved for Red Rock Canyon educational field trips.A retired teacher, she also volunteers on the Membership, Special Events and Gift Wrap Committees.

Doyle Wayman

Doyle Wayman – Milkweed Project

When Friends was awarded a two-year grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Foundation to assist the monarch butterfly by replenishing the supply of milkweed plantsin Southern Nevada, Doyle took on the job of Project Manager. When he retired as an architect in 2009, he committed himself full time to volunteering and working with groups dedicated to making our environment better.

Kristi Weeks

Kristi Weeks – Executive Director

The newest friendly face in the Friends office is our new executive direct. She began volunteering with Friends in September 2013 at the Information Desk and in the Tortoise Habitat. Kristi was the Grant Committee Lead for Friends before being hired as the Executive Director in August. Kristi holds a Masters Degree in natural resource management and worked in California and Oregon as a land use planner.

Chuck Williams

Chuck Williams – Red Rock Ambassador and Cultural Resources Chair

Chuck, past Friends President, chairs the Red Rock Ambassador Program and the Cultural Resources Committee. He also is a volunteer for the Natural Resources Committee and the Tortoise Habitat Team. Cultural Resources members monitor and conduct site assessments of historic and prehistoric sites in Red Rock Canyon and the ambassadors provide visitor contact information outside of the Visitor Center.

Pat Williams

Pat Williams – Treasurer, Communications, Newsmagazine and Policy Review

In addition to her board position as Friends Treasurer, Pat is the “face” of Friends as chair of the committees that let the public know about the work being done by Friends. She oversees the magazine as well as designs the annual Visions of Red Rock calendar. Pat also assists with the Annual Photo Contest, the quarterly meetings and Volunteer Awards and Volunteer Appreciation Awards Program.

Shari Young

Shari Young – Secretary

Shari and her husband Jeff moved to LasVegas in 2014 from south central Penn-sylvania where they had a small farm. They fell in love with Red Rock Canyon on visits to the area even before they moved here after Shari retired from Mars Chocolate. New to the Friends Board, Shari also volunteers for the Southern Nevada Milkweed Project as well as the Ronald McDonald House.