Hiking in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Hiking Trail Descriptions

Boot Tracks

by Tom Pfaendler

When I started writing "Boots", I developed a scoring system of zero to ten boots. Every trail that I've hiked has been held up against this system to determine the correct number of boots. (And you thought I was just winging it). I've been asked on occasion why I've scored something the way I did, and that usually results in a detailed explanation involving sunspots and the rotation of the earth. It never really occurred to me to actually publish the scoring system. So that being said, here is the official Boot Tracks "yardstick", and the truth behind the question "why aren't there ever any 10's?"

Boots Trail Scoring System
0Not reviewed
1Should have slept in today. You would rather go to the dentist. Give it the boot.
2Boring, dull, noisy, polluted, trashed. You'll need a REAL good reason to be out here.
3Flawed trail but has some redeeming characteristics. Can hike here if desperate.
4Interesting trail with some annoying problems. Not a bad trek.
5Good basic trail. You like it and it deserves the "C". You will probably hike this again.
6A really good hike that's more challenging and beautiful than average.
7You love this one. You want to bring all of your friends and share it with them.
8Simply awesome trail. You would travel far to do this one and it is a very memorable experience.
9World-class, nearly perfect experience. This trail will turn you into a poet. You'll tell everyone you meet about this.
10Possible life-changing experience. This will make you sit in quiet contemplation and thank Mother Earth for giving you this moment in time. You won't tell anyone about this place, it's too personal.

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