The following table lists training classes required for each volunteer position.

Volunteer Position Classes Needed
Team Leads (TL) All Classes
Field Volunteers(FV) Milkweed Grants Basics
Data Entry
Seed Cleaning Volunteers(SC) Milkweed Grants Basics
Seed Cleaning
Greenhouse Volunteers(GV) Milkweed Grants Basics
Field Propagation Volunteers(FPV) Milkweed Grants Basics
Data Entry Volunteers(DE) Milkweed Grants Basics
Data Entry
Community Service Volunteers(CS) Milkweed Grants Basics
Seeds of Success(SOS) Milkweed Grants Basics
SOS Collecting
Seed Cleaning

Here is the list of classes

Class Instructor Position Location
Data Entry Brenda Jackson
Diane Frankenfield
DE, FV, TL Red Rock Canyon
GPS/GIS Cathy Wilson
Melissa Sanders
FV, TL BLM Southern Nevada District Office
4701 North Torrey Pines Drive
Greenhouse/Propagation Cayenne Engel
Amy Dunn
GV, TL Floyd Lamb Nursery
Milkweed Grant Basics Doyle Wayman ALL Red Rock Canyon
Propagation Jeff Young FPV, TL Floyd Lamb Nursery
SOS/Collecting Melissa Sanders
Shari Young
FV, SC, SOS, TL BLM Southern Nevada District Office
4701 North Torrey Pines Drive
Seed Cleaning Carol Swearingen
Diane Frankenfield
SC, SOS, TL Red Rock Canyon

To see a schedule of classes, go to our events page. Make sure you select SNMP events from the drop box at the top of the page.

To register for a class :

If you have a Volgistics signon, you can register using the SCHEDULE tab. If you are not a Volgistics user, please email SNMP