FORRC Southern Nevada Milkweed Project

Milkweed Locations

Milkweed Locations Mapped

Currently we have 3 Field Teams, those Teams have documented 56 new milkweed sightings, and we have collected over 2.6 million seeds.

Our thanks to Friends of Red Rock Canyon member Roger Kolar for compiling all this data and creating these maps.

In 2017 our Field Teams will continue to look for new plants, follow up leads, but also check on last years out plants (both seedlings and transplants) and will replant those areas.

We hope to double the number of seeds collected and locate 14 different types of native milkweeds that exist in Southern Nevada.

We will request that at least one Team member in each vehicle have the Xerces Monarch SOS app on their iphone to record sightings.

If you are interested in getting out with one of our Field Teams or want to start one yourself, please email SNMP: Milkweed Locations By Size