FORRC Southern Nevada Milkweed Project

A note about our calendars

Our website has two calendars. The default calendar is our Friends of Red Rock Canyon (FORRC) calendar of events. We have added a second calendar to track events for the Southern Nevada Milkweed Project (SNMP) grant.

Each calendar is available in two formats, a List view and a Month view. The List view displays a table of future events with descriptions. The Month view looks like a calendar. If you click on an event, you will see the event description. You may use whichever format you prefer and switch between the views by clicking the Month or List button at the top of the page.

But the important thing is to make sure you are looking at the correct calendar. There is a drop-down list near the top of the page to switch calendars. It will show if you are looking at FORRC events or SNMP events. You can change calendars by clicking on the correct choice in the drop-down list box.

Click on the link below to go to our SNMP calendar of events.

SNMP events calendar