Road Biking

Bicycling in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Las Vegas, can be an enjoyable way to see the local flora and fauna. The structural details of the massive sandstone cliffs, the area's most notable feature, are certainly more impressive when seen from a bicycle.

One-way regulation on the scenic loop applies to cyclists as well as those driving motorized vehicles. Because of heavy visitation in the area, particularly on weekends, please keep an eye on traffic. Remember, slower traffic must keep to the right. The one-way loop [14.7 miles round trip, including highway portion] offers an excellent workout for the experienced rider. There are very steep undulating grades for the first five miles with switchbacks at the top of the ride. The 1,000-foot drop back to the Visitor Center can be exhilarating in places (speed limit of 35 mph).

The one-way road is two lanes wide, allowing ample passing room. The road is in good condition. Beware of rocks falling off the cutbacks around switchbacks debris where the road crosses washes loose gravel on the road surface. No water is available along the loop.

No air or other repair facilities are available in the Red Rock Canyon Area. You should bring the equipment and know how to fix flats and make minor adjustments during your ride. Please wear a helmet to protect you in case you fall. During the summer the higher elevation of the area draws many Las Vegas bicyclists. It will be about 10 degrees cooler -- that's still hot and dry, so take plenty of water. As always apply plenty of sunscreen.

Mountain Biking

While road bikes can only be used on the west side of Highway 159, excellent mountain bike trails can be found nearby. Blue Diamond Hill on the west side of Highway 159 and Cottonwood Valley to the south of Highway 159 and north and south of Highway 160 proved world class single track trails. Remember, this is Las Vegas so you should bring lots of water, tire patch kits and apply sunscreen.

Road and mountain bike rentals are available from nearby shops, see locations on our Links page.